What are In-Process Photo Proofs?

In-process photo proofs allow you to see photos of your doll during the process and suggest changes to improve its appearance. If you select this service, you will automatically receive emailed photos once your doll has been sculpted and you may accept it to move it on to the next step (painting) or you may suggest changes. If you suggest changes, you will receive another set of updated photos after changes have been made and may choose to accept or correct again. At this stage you receive unlimited corrections free of charge.


Once you accept the sculpted head (and body in the case of a custom-head-to-toe), we will then paint the doll and send photos to you.  The process repeats itself in terms of unlimited rounds of corrections. You will only be charged a fee if you choose to have the doll resculpted completely at this stage.


Once you have accepted the painted doll, we pack it up and ship it to you.