What photographs should I send?

Question: What photographs should I send?

Answer: Your bobblehead can only be as good a likeness of the person as the photographs you send.

Try to send both a portrait shot of the person (a close up of their face taken from straight on), and a side-view photo showing the person's profile. We can do a great job without a profile photo, but if you have one, please include it. If possible, the photos should have hair, facial hair, and facial expressions similar to those you want on the doll.

If you do not have posed photographs, please send the best available front view photo you have. If the photo includes other people, please indicate in the Special Instructions box on the Order Form which person is the subject for the bobblehead.

Our website and database are compatible with tiff, bmp, and jpeg file types. We can accept any files under 2MB in size, and you may upload as many as 5 photos.

You can mail photos, which we will digitize, for an added $10.

First place the order using our online order form, selecting the check-off box for mail-in-photos on the order form. We'll give you the mailing address after the last ordering step (where your payment is processed).

You can also choose "upload my photos later" while designing your doll. Login to the website and upload your photos later; we will only start processing the order once you have uploaded the photos.