4 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Help You Show Thanks

While Thanksgiving probably isn’t the holiday that first pops into your mind when you think of gift giving, Thanksgiving gift ideas are always nice to have. Thanksgiving is the day where we show thanks and gifts are a great way to do that. You can always bring a gift to the Thanksgiving table to spice things up – maybe you want to show someone how much you appreciate them, or maybe you want to give back to your host a little bit. Or if you’re hosting the big family meal, you can add something a little unique to the festivities!

Because Thanksgiving isn’t all about the gifts – it’s all about the food (and family, I guess) – finding ways to give gifts can be too difficult. You don’t want to do anything to big, because it might not fit with the festivities. Plus, the time to buy a lot of big stuff is right around the corner. Instead, Thanksgiving gifts are all about the little things.

When you’re thinking of Thanksgiving gift ideas, you want to look for two things: you want it to be small, and thoughtful. Showing your appreciation for someone means more than just buying something you think that they want. You want to find a way to express that they’re important to you through the gift, or through your actions.

We’ve come up with 4 Thanksgiving gift ideas that will show how important someone is to you, without being too over the top. If you want to make someone’s holiday a little bit better, these are a few ways you can do it.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Host

Usually, when you’re looking for Thanksgiving gift ideas, it’s for your host. Even if Thanksgiving is in your home, you might not being the one doing the cooking. And if it isn’t in your home, you know that your host is putting a lot of work into sitting the family down. Signing up to bring food is always a good way to help out, but it’s nice to go above and beyond sometimes.

With that in mind, our first Thanksgiving gift idea is to bring some dessert! Whether it’s a pumpkin pie or some themed cupcakes, an extra dessert can liven up the party and help your host to relax. If you really want to tailor it to them, bring their favorite dessert!

Bringing fun food that wasn’t expected of you is always a good way to show a little appreciation. Going the extra mile, even in a relatively small way, let’s your host now that you understand how much work they put in. If you’ve ever hosted (or are planning to host) a big gathering like this, you know that a little appreciation can go a long way.

If dessert isn’t your style, you can always bring a beverage! Whether you want to bring coffee, eggnog, or something a little bit harder, everyone always enjoys a beverage while they finish cooking. Or, they can enjoy it even more when the party starts winding down. Beverages usually require even less effort than dessert – and they’re even easier to share. A nice beverage and a little bit of quiet time can be a great way to show your host thanks on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Home (or Theirs)

Another great Thanksgiving gift idea is always to bring something for the house. Little decorations can prove to be very thoughtful, and are a good reminder for the person that you’re giving them to. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is it’s down-home feel – it’s nice to have a nice, relaxed meal in your home or a family members’. 

You can always make a craft project out of this. Lots of people love getting together around Thanksgiving to make wreaths and things of that sort. As always, a handmade gift can be a great way to show appreciation for someone. Just like with making food or drinks, a craft project requires effort that tells a person that you care about them.

When it comes to Thanksgiving gift ideas, though, we can go a little bit deeper. Thanksgiving is beloved by so many people because of the atmosphere around it. Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that stimulates every sense. People gather to watch the Macy’s Day Parade, they eat home cooked meals, they enjoy listening to the buzzing of the family around the house. And Thanksgiving is always accompanied by the wonderful smells of fall – pumpkins, cinnamon, those sorts of smells.

Because of that, candles can always make a great Thanksgiving gift. They’re very timely during Thanksgiving and hard to dislike. If you still want that handmade feel, there are plenty of tutorials online for how to make candles at home. Not only can candles be a great gift, but they can also be a fun project to undertake with someone you’re thankful for.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation

Our final Thanksgiving gift idea is a bit more traditional: Thanksgiving is a great time to give small tokens of appreciation. And customized bobbleheads are our favorite way to do that. What better way is there to show someone what you think of them than to give them a mini version of themselves?

Thoughtfulness is the key to making small gifts feel big. Customizing a bobblehead is a simple process that requires you to be thoughtful. And we can help to ensure that your thoughtfulness shows through. Giving a gift like a bobblehead is all about the reaction that you can get, and the reaction that you want. If you want to show a person you appreciate them, we can help with that.

Of course, bobbleheads are great for a laugh, too. And we all love a good laugh on Thanksgiving. A good gift should give someone a warm feeling and a hearty chuckle, and our bobbleheads do just that. If you’re interested in spicing up your loved ones desks and mantles, you can get a free mockup of one of our custom bobbleheads here. You’ve only got a little while before the day comes, so make sure to get started now!

Want to stick with the Thanksgiving theme? We can create a custom bobblehead of you dressed as a traditional pilgrim too!