Bob Your Head To The Music

You’ve seen bobblehead sports figures, presidents, brides and grooms.

custom bobblehead dolls side by sideBut you have also seen bobblehead musicians. Bobbleheads are a great strategy for promoting music. Here is why the trend has been so effective in the industry:


The bobbing head these dolls are known for essentially encourages people to move with the music. This makes them a huge promotional tool. Additionally, bobbleheads are highly customizable. This is a huge advantage for musicians. Bobbleheads should be as detailed as possible so that when people see them there is no doubt in their mind about who the doll is.


Custom bobbleheads can also be used to build anticipation before the release of an album or an upcoming concert. Additionally, bobbleheads can be customized by event with a promotional message. For example, the name of the musician or date of the concert can be engraved on the bobblehead stand. Audio messages can also be recorded with bobbleheads! This is a great opportunity for musicians, and can really make the bobblehead unique to their sound.


Bobbleheads have been a big trend in the music industry for years. The Beatles bobbleheads are now extremely sought-after collector’s items! Their customizability, uniqueness to the industry and ability to compliment a marketing strategy make them a great promotional opportunity for musical artists.

Thank You Whoopass Bobbleheads!

Creating a custom bobblehead doll.

The Process:

We sculpt the doll for YOU. During each step, you will receive email updates for the proofs, first in clay and then the final painted version. With the custom bodies you can get as creative as you want with the body design and on the stock bodies the form is already cast but still feel free to get creative with the painting ideas, logos etc.

What you provide: 

  • photos
  • eye color (if it is hard to tell in the photo)
  • body type
  • clothing colors
  • base inscription
  • any logos or additional notes
  • shipping address
  • phone number
  • completion date.

What Our Clients are Saying:

Hi Gillian,

My wedding has passed, but wanted to briefly convey the response to the bobblehead gifts that I gave the groomsmen. As expected, they were blown away and loved them, and when one of them uploaded a picture to Facebook, it automatically “tagged” it as a picture of the person! Everyone loved that the likeness was so good that it even fooled Facebook!
Anyway, thanks again for offering such a great service.


custom bobblehead testimonial

And he still has more to say!

One of the groomsmen just stared at it dumbstruck for a few minutes, and that made every dollar I spent completely worth it.



Bobblehead Top 5

We already know bobbleheads make awesome and memorable gifts. But what type of bobbleheads are the most popular? Here is a list of the top 5.


  1. The first is sports figures.  Sports figure bobbleheads are what initially popularized the bobble head so it is no surprise that it continues to be a favorite. Sports bobbleheads are a great way to pay tribute to a sports figure. When you own a sports bobblehead, it instantly tells whoever sees it a little bit about you!
  2. Sci-fi characers are actually number 2 on the top 5! Sci-fi fans want to show their love of the genre . Sci-fi characters bobbleheads are often available online.
  3. Politicians always seem to have bobbleheads made after them, especially if they have done something extremely newsworthy. The president, vice president, and other top cabinet officials often have bobbleheads assembled in their agreement.
  4. We couldn’t make a top 5 bobblehead list without including celebrities. Celebrity bobbleheads are very common because most people have one celebrity they admire or consider their celebrity crush. Like


Custom-made makes all the difference

Trying to give the perfect gift can be a stressful task. If you want your gift to be personal, memorable, and sincere, be sure not to overlook a customized bobble head doll.

Bobble head dolls can be so unique and interesting when they are custom made. Customizing a bobble head gives you, as the gift giver, so much freedom and influence on your gift.

Whether custom-made bobble heads are given to friends or family, they are a great gift for all ages, even kids! They can be used to commemorate special events, like weddings and birthdays – the options are truly endless. For example, you can add outfits and even personalize the bobble head facial expression. Be sure to look into all of those extra options to make your bobble head as custom as possible.

The most important part of giving this gift is to ensure that you are purchasing a quality bobble head. To guarantee this, make sure the company you are considering is actually a bobble head doll specialist. This is very important for multiple reasons. First off, you want your custom made bobble head to be very detailed. The facial details need to be so spot on that it is clear who the bobble head is meant to be. Quality bobble head dolls are very life-like when done well.  The best bobble heads are the ones that are made accurately and still retain the gigantic head these dolls are known for.

Bobble head dolls as a gift provide so much enjoyment, and people usually get a kick out of seeing their face on this type of doll. Plus, it is almost a guarantee that your gift will not be one they have received before.