Whoopass Movie Custom Bobbleheads

We recently posted that some of our custom bobblehead dolls were going to be featured in an upcoming movie, Million Dollar Arm. It brought to mind the literally dozens of bobbleheads we have made for celebrities, movies, commercials and tv shows. Check out this one from the 2007 Quentin Tarantino flick. It’s for the character Jungle Julia, and it appears at about 2:08 of the youtube video, right from the beginning of the movie. It turned out pretty cool, you can see from the photo on our Pinterest page, we had her standing on a pretty interesting base (we can really make them however you want!).

Custom Bobblehead Death Proof

Cal Ripken Jr Bad Bobbleheads Hall-of-Fame Bobblehead

A few years back I was in Baltimore and caught a game at Camden Yards. I was lucky enough to be there for a Cal Ripken bobblehead night, and when they handed me the doll, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The thing looked nothing like Cal Ripken.

But, it was better than the All-Star MVP Bobblehead they made for Ripken at least. Check out the bobblehead below compared to the picture of Cal Ripken in 2001. Cal Ripken has the bluest of blue eyes and at that point in his career, what hair he had left was grey. I wonder who the Cal Ripken bobblehead below was actually of – looks like they had about 2001 extra copies of some other player they needed to get rid of! Nice job bobblehead makers…I’m sure people are clamoring for your limited edition bobblehead of whoever it is.

Don’t worry, at whoopass, we’ll pay attention to the details of your custom bobblehead – like your hair color and eye color and even more minute details than that!

Musician Custom Bobbleheads

Here’s a picture of a recent musician custom bobblehead we made. One of the best things about musician bobbleheads, is we can make a pretty good replica of an instrument. I think the artists did a pretty good job on this Fender Classic.

I’m not sure what he’s playing, but it’s clear from the picture, he has some fans!

Guitar playing custom bobblehead doll

Whoopass Custom Bobblehead featured in new movie Million Dollar Arm

On May 16th, the Disney movie “Million Dollar Arm” will be released. The movie tells the story of a sports agent trying to discover the next great baseball talent in India, the world’s biggest cricket hotbed.

The movie features some custom bobblehead dolls, made by none other than us. They don’t appear in the trailer, so you’ll have to go to the theater if you want to see them. Looks like an interesting flick.

Life Sized Custom bobbleheads

Fox Sports Detroit recently commissioned life sized custom bobbleheads of 6 prominent Detroit athletes. We’ve made a life sized custom bobblehead ourselves, for the Steve Harvey show back when it was on the air. Our Steve Harvey custom bobblehead was nearly 8 foot tall, so really larger than life. It was unveiled live, on-air by the Coors Light Twins. What ever happened to them?

If you’re interested in a life sized custom bobblehead of your own – they are a bit pricey at $10,000 – but we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Steve Harvey Custom Bobblehead Doll

Rob Ford Bobbleheads

For those of you not familiar with Canada’s illustrious mayor Rob Ford, he’s the one who has been caught on camera smoking crack, was seen driving his car at 40 miles per hour while reading a newspaper and has been guilty of several other transgressions.

So how else would such an upstanding politician choose to launch his re-election campaign but with a bobblehead doll!

If you’re a Rob Ford fan or foe, feel free to call us up and request a Rob Ford Custom Bobblehead of your own doing the illegal (or legal) activity of your choice. We’ll be happy to make whatever wild Rob Ford doll you can come up with!

Whoopass Enterprises featured on Fabbaloo blog on 3d printing

A couple of years back we attempted to make our custom bobbleheads using a 3d printer. The products looked really great, but unfortunately, the costs of making them that way ended up being too high.

Fabbaloo, one of the most read blogs about 3d printing, interviewed us and posted on their blog about our 3d printing of the custom nodders in a blog post yesterday. The link is here if you’re interested in learning more.

Awkward Bobblehead giveaways

Here’s a funny article on awkward bobblehead giveaways that was recently on SI.com, bobbleheads were made for a player who was then traded between the day the order was placed and when the giveaway was scheduled. I like the one about James Livingston personally, who was traded to another team and then showed up on his own bobblehead night and scored two goals for the other team…sweet revenge.

We have our own equivalent of the awkward custom bobblehead giveaway at Whoopass Enterprises – personalized bobbleheads ordered for significant others where a breakup occurs between the time of ordering and bobblehead giveaway. If you’re worried about such an eventuality, go ahead and order your custom bobblehead with one of our rush processing options and receive it as soon as a couple of days. Who knows, said bobblehead – delivered in short order – might even save your romance (no guarantees though). And if it’s too late by the time the custom bobble head arrives, feel free to use it for voodoo style revenge. We won’t tell anyone.

Keith Hernandez bobbles, and the glory of facial hair infused custom bobbleheads

For those Seinfeld lovers out there, there’s a great Seinfeld themed bobblehead night being put on by the Brooklyn Cyclones on July 5. It’s to commemorate the Seinfeld episode with Keith Hernandez, which included the “magic loogie”. For those of you unfamiliar, there’s a story about the night as well as a link to the video clip of Hernandez’s cameo on Seinfeld here.

One thing that has to be said for Hernandez, he has a ‘stache for the ages. For those of you who have loved ones with glorious facial hair, beards and moustaches really do look fantastic on a custom bobblehead.