Unusual, Weird, & Wacky Father’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching now that we are in mid April. There always seems to be more media publicity for the moms out there and it is understandable, since there seems to be a lot more single moms out there than dads. But dads need love too and that’s why we have this list. Dads may be a bit harder to buy for since they sometimes enjoy things in specific niches and some fathers have different quirks and unique senses of humor. So, for all of those weird dads out there, here is a list of weird and wacky potential Father’s Day gifts!

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2020 Christmas & Holiday Season Shipping Schedules

It’s been a strange year, but whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or just having families and friends in your life, it’s the time of year where we’re all buying gifts. And it’s important you receive everything on time! We want to make sure your bobblehead arrives before Christmas, so here’s when you need to order by in order to receive your bobblehead by December 24th:

November 15 – Free Shipping

November 30 – $39 Shipping (3-4 weeks)

December 10 – $99 Shipping (2 weeks)

December 15 – $199 Shipping (2-3 days)

You’ll find these shipping options available when checking out.

Have your gift exchange or celebrating a holiday on a different date? Let us know and we’ll make sure it gets there on time! Email us at info@whoopassenterprises.com or call (206) 809-1356 to coordinate your order delivery.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from everyone here at Whoopass Enterprises!

4 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Help You Show Thanks

While Thanksgiving probably isn’t the holiday that first pops into your mind when you think of gift giving, Thanksgiving gift ideas are always nice to have. Thanksgiving is the day where we show thanks and gifts are a great way to do that. You can always bring a gift to the Thanksgiving table to spice things up – maybe you want to show someone how much you appreciate them, or maybe you want to give back to your host a little bit. Or if you’re hosting the big family meal, you can add something a little unique to the festivities!

Because Thanksgiving isn’t all about the gifts – it’s all about the food (and family, I guess) – finding ways to give gifts can be too difficult. You don’t want to do anything to big, because it might not fit with the festivities. Plus, the time to buy a lot of big stuff is right around the corner. Instead, Thanksgiving gifts are all about the little things.

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