Custom Wedding Cake Toppers – Make Your Wedding Cake Totally You!

When you ask a happily married couple to think back to their wedding, you’re almost always greeted with a smile as they teleport back to a rosy place in their memory. They go to a nostalgic place and relive the excitement of the day for you.

After the months of planning, invitation lists, day-of crises, vows, speeches, dances, and Aunt Barb getting so drunk she stumbled into the garden and fell asleep, you’re left with a few tokens which spark the memories you’ll never forget.

Nowadays, everything is memorialized by Instagram accounts and videos from camera phones.

Twenty years from now, those will probably look as archaic and fuzzy as when my parents popped in the VHS of their wedding for us to watch.

As time wears on, all those wedding day gifts break or go out of style, swept into a dustbin or occupying a box in the attic uncertain to ever see the light of day again. A few of my parent’s wedding day items made it, though. Mom’s wedding dress is still in the back of her closet. Special silverware that comes out once or twice a year on an anniversary or holiday. The punch bowl, because no one uses punch bowls. And the bride and groom wedding cake topper, nestled in a case in our living room with some other trinkets and figurines.

It’s a simple token, of course. Generic man in a tux holding hands with a generic woman in a white dress. That’s the only way they made them back then. But in a tiny way it memorializes a special day, touching our everyday lives in a minor but meaningful way. Whenever they look at it, they’d smile, and you’d see that glow.

While it may not seem like it, something small and personal like a wedding cake topper can provide a lifetime of joy.

Here at Whoopass, we’ve created custom cake toppers for dozens of weddings. While my parents’ classic bride and groom are certainly nice, we take things a step further by providing fully customized cake toppers that are unique for every couple.

Do you want to keep it classic? We get it. We’ll take the classic bride and groom and sculpt the head in the likeness of the bridge and groom. Personalize it with a date on the stand and you’ve got a traditional wedding cake topper with a bit more personality.

Bridge & Groom Bobblehead Classic Wedding Cake Topper Wedding Cake Topper

But if you’re a bit more adventurous, you can have a lot of fun with your cake topper. Make it the talk of your wedding (at least until Aunt Barb’s 5th vodka tonic)! We can create a fully customized cake topper that is totally you.

Wear a baseball cap. Flippers. Snowshoes. Hold a tennis racket. A prop representing your honeymoon destination. Wear your favorite bracelet. Ride your motorcycle. Dress like your favorite character. Add tattoos. Whatever makes you you.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper

However you celebrate as a couple together, let us capture it on a bobblehead and make it a part of not just your wedding, but your married life together.

Years from now, you’ll have a unique token from your big day to look back on fondly. The classic cake topper may do the trick for my parents, but if they could have customized it as a special reminder of their love when they got married, that’s just a bonus.

View some wedding bobblehead samples, customize a classic bride & groom, or start your custom order today!

P.S. We’ve designed wedding bobbleheads for couples regardless of gender or sexual preferences! However you celebrate love, we can create a great bobblehead for you. Happy Pride Month!

5 Unique, Personal Graduation Gifts for High School or College Students

It’s almost graduation season! Most of you probably have family members or close friends who are graduating this year.

Graduating, whether from high school or college (or even kindergarten!), is an important milestone in every person’s life. As such, you’ll want to commemorate this special occasion with a gift that is not only useful but unique and personal as well. In other words, a thoughtful gift. One that not only says “I’m proud of you!” but also one that shows that you had the recipient in mind while choosing the gift.

Not only that, but one that marks the occasion well. A gift they look at and say “that’s from when I graduation!”

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Aaargh! What do I get them for Christmas?

Aaargh! What do I get them for Christmas?

You know one of the biggest flaws in the Santa Clause Story? It’s not the flying reindeer. Nor is it him visiting 5500 children a second if he’s supposed to visit all the world’s children in one night. It isn’t even that he’ll have to eat 150 billion calories (which puts even my Christmas binge eating to shame). It’s how he’s ever supposed to select the right present for each and every child.

I mean, seriously. Every time I have to buy something for my family I end up tearing out clumps of hair. And there are only 15 of them, not 1.5 billion. How has the stress not killed him yet? Sometimes I feel like eating 150 billion calories just to deal with the Christmas shopping!

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One result of this is the precarious piles of electronics and tools scattered about which slowly migrate around the room. Like sand dunes in a windy desert. A second one is that we never know what kind of present to buy him. You don’t know how often we’ll think we’ve gotten him the perfect gift, only to find out that in some pile he’s already got some better version that he never uses. (I have no idea why always feels he needs to point that out).

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Unique Fantasy Football Trophies – Custom Fantasy Football Bobbleheads

Football season is great. The beer, the wings, the pizza, the hanging out with friends and screaming at the television on Sunday afternoons. And with fantasy football, you get to scream at things all day, rather than just while your favorite team is playing. These days, we’re often guilty of getting more excited when our fantasy football players score than when our favorite team does.
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Father’s Day Gifts – 5 Unique Custom Bobbleheads for Your Favorite Dad

Have you thought about what to give your father or husband for Father’s Day? By now he must have his closet full of neckties and cuff links from previous holidays. Why not make it special this year by getting him a customized bobblehead of himself? There are so many options to choose from!


100% Customized Bobblehead

From head to toe you can customize a Bobblehead likeness of your father as a gift. You can customize your dad’s Bobblehead to include his favorite watch, the shirt he always wears, the TV remote, or anything else that reminds you of him. Just send a photo of your dad to use as inspiration for his very own bobblehead doll and leave the rest to the professionals! If you want to be sure of those extra details, you can talk to a customer service representative so your Bobblehead will look exactly how you want it to.

Custom Bobblehead

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Unique Gifts for Coaches – Personalized Bobblehead Dolls!

Are you looking for a special gift for your coach? Celebrating a great victory after a hard-earned match? Have you ever considered getting your coach a personalized Bobblehead of himself/herself? Well you should! Personalized Bobbleheads are awesomely unique gifts that you can’t just find anywhere.

Coach Bobblehead Front

Coach Bobblehead Front

Coach Bobblehead Back

Coach Bobblehead Back

Coaches are often very special people in the lives of young people, serving both as mentors and role models as well as friends. Their passion for sports and seeing people reach their potential is admiral and worthy of recognition. And usually, they’re a lot of fun too.

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6 Fun Ways Custom Bobbleheads are Awesome for Weddings

It’s still February and summer seems like it’s years away. The very idea of sunshine seems like a joke at this point here in the Midwest, but before you know it, summer will be here again. And with summer comes an onslaught of weddings filling up your social calendar. Whether it’s your wedding or just one you’re attending, we’re calling on you to be prepared this year with an awesome gift that everyone will remember.

As a bobblehead company, it probably comes as no surprise that we think custom bobbleheads at a wedding are a great idea. But we wouldn’t lead you astray. Over the years, we’ve heard customers tell us how cool they were and how many people commented on the bobbleheads. From groomsmen gifts to unique gifts for the wedding party, we’ve got 6 awesome ways to incorporate our fun bobbleheads into your wedding.

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Shatner Bobbleheads

Are you a Shatner fan? Or for that matter, a Shatner Star Trek fan? Because at San Diego’s Comic Con this year, William Shatner bobbleheads will be released!

shatner bobbleheads

shatner bobbleheads

One being his legendary character from Star Trek and another from his stint in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Pretty cool if you ask me…but it gets better! There will be two lunchboxes, yes lunchboxes, made of metal and all. The lunchboxes look just like a good old television set complete with a scene from both shows Shatner starred in. While the lunchboxes are very cool, we do not think they are near as cool as the bobbleheads of William Shatner! Anybody have an extra ticket to San Diego!?