Unique Fantasy Football Trophies – Custom Fantasy Football Bobbleheads

Football season is great. The beer, the wings, the pizza, the hanging out with friends and screaming at the television on Sunday afternoons. And with fantasy football, you get to scream at things all day, rather than just while your favorite team is playing. These days, we’re often guilty of getting more excited when our fantasy football players score than when our favorite team does.
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Unique Gifts for Coaches – Personalized Bobblehead Dolls!

Are you looking for a special gift for your coach? Celebrating a great victory after a hard-earned match? Have you ever considered getting your coach a personalized Bobblehead of himself/herself? Well you should! Personalized Bobbleheads are awesomely unique gifts that you can’t just find anywhere.

Coach Bobblehead Front

Coach Bobblehead Front

Coach Bobblehead Back

Coach Bobblehead Back

Coaches are often very special people in the lives of young people, serving both as mentors and role models as well as friends. Their passion for sports and seeing people reach their potential is admiral and worthy of recognition. And usually, they’re a lot of fun too.

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Yankee Promotional Bobbleheads

The New York Yankees have recently announced that they will be running a three year long promotional bobblehead giveaway games. This is the first time in around a decade since the Yankees have run such a promotion. The giveaway will include 12 limited edition bobbleheads over a three year span, which sounds like will be four per season.

jeter bobblehead

Jeter Bobblehead

The giveaway will be limited to the first 18,000 guests. Ticket packs start at just $88, which as you may know is not too bad for Yankees stadium. The Yankees tout the benefits of these tickets as:

-Access to the special games (not sure how this is different than just going to the game?)
-Preferred seating locations (okay this is nice)
-Savings off the advance ticket price (we don’t really want to know how high the prices are expected to go, but if we had to guess, probably a lot)

Here are the first four limited edition games with player bobbleheads that will be given away:

Monday, 7/8 Derek Jeter
Sunday, 7/28 Hideki Matsui
Friday, 8/30 Yogi Berra
Tuesday, 9/24 Mariano Rivera

If you want to purchase tickets from the Yankees site, click here.

*The image above is property of the New York Yankees. We are using this only for awareness purposes to spread the word about the special bobblehead events. If you would like this removed please contact us and we will remove promptly.

Muscle Up! Albert Belle Bobblehead Released

Who remembers when then Cleveland Indians Albert Belle flexed his bicep in response to Kevin Kennedy (then Boston Red Sox manager) after he instructed the umpire to take his bat because Kennedy believed it to be corked after he hit a ball crushing homer? Well we are going back, to the 1995 playoffs to be exact, but the Cleveland Indians are immortalizing this moment in time with a bobblehead of Albert Belle flexing his bicep!

Now what is interesting about this giveaway is that Albert Belle has not been back to visit the Cleveland Indians since he became a free agent and signed a $55 million contract with the White Sox. He is also, by some accounts, one of the most controversial players in franchise history. So the fact that the Clevelan Indians will immortalize him in some way is  questionable, however there is no denying the impact he had on the team in both performance as well as exposure on the news. He certainly was a catalyst in helping to spur popularity back to the Indians club. Or maybe it has to do with the sadness Albert has experienced in the past months. His twin brother, Terry, was killed in a car accident in AZ in September. Nobody wants to see this happen, and maybe since he was such a pivotal part of the club at one point, this caused the Indians to step back and recognize that they should immortalize him in some way. But I digress…

Albert Belle Flexing his 1995 Bicep

Albert Belle Flexing his 1995 Bicep

The bobblehead giveaway is happening Sat, Jun 1 at 1:05PM at Progressive Field. It is limited to the first 10,000 fans so show up early! This is almost as cool at the Trout grab bobblehead we posted about earlier!

To purchase tickets to the game when these custom bobbleheads will be given, go to this link. Look for the June 1st game.

Here is a really cool video from MLB in which you can witness this (it is at the :45 second mark):

Mike Trout Grab Tribute Bobblehead

With baseball season upon us, we posted the MLB giveaways for April in hope that all of you baseball fans have a chance to plan for the game that will be giving away your favorite bobblehead of your team’s player.

Well, we had to write about the Los Angeles Angels bobblehead…it is in honor of Mike Trout’s amazing robbery of J.J. Hardy‘s (what would have been) home run hit. We can say that the catch was an amazing one and something you don’t see everyday. We can only think of really two other times such a grab was made…we are not saying that home runs are not robbed from players every year, just the level of physicality demonstrated by Trout…he must have gotten 10 feet of vertical air.

You tell us, here is the video:


mike trouts bobblehead

Los Angeles Angels tribute bobblehead to Mike Trout.

The catch took place in 2012 at Camden Yards when the Baltimore Orioles were hosting the Angels. Some compared the catch to when Barry Bond’s was robbed of his home run by Torii Hunter. That may be a little extreme since that was an All-Star game versus a regular game, but who are we to judge?  After all, our specialty is custom bobbleheads not baseball. 🙂

Angels fan or not, we highly recommend you head out and pick up your tickets for this game. I can tell you this much, if I am in Los Angeles on April 13th, I will be first in line. Just look for the guy wearing the huge Mike Trout bobble head.