Mike Trout Grab Tribute Bobblehead

With baseball season upon us, we posted the MLB giveaways for April in hope that all of you baseball fans have a chance to plan for the game that will be giving away your favorite bobblehead of your team’s player.

Well, we had to write about the Los Angeles Angels bobblehead…it is in honor of Mike Trout’s amazing robbery of J.J. Hardy‘s (what would have been) home run hit. We can say that the catch was an amazing one and something you don’t see everyday. We can only think of really two other times such a grab was made…we are not saying that home runs are not robbed from players every year, just the level of physicality demonstrated by Trout…he must have gotten 10 feet of vertical air.

You tell us, here is the video:


mike trouts bobblehead

Los Angeles Angels tribute bobblehead to Mike Trout.

The catch took place in 2012 at Camden Yards when the Baltimore Orioles were hosting the Angels. Some compared the catch to when Barry Bond’s was robbed of his home run by Torii Hunter. That may be a little extreme since that was an All-Star game versus a regular game, but who are we to judge?  After all, our specialty is custom bobbleheads not baseball. 🙂

Angels fan or not, we highly recommend you head out and pick up your tickets for this game. I can tell you this much, if I am in Los Angeles on April 13th, I will be first in line. Just look for the guy wearing the huge Mike Trout bobble head.