Show Your Love for Women’s Soccer with a Custom Bobblehead – World Cup 2019

Every 4 years, it’s a treat to watch the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) make a run at a World Cup championship. Perennial favorites, they’re once again making a dominant run. In the quarterfinals, they’ll face France – the home country and the only team to have defeated them in this cycle. 

It has the makings of being a memorable match. Kickoff is at 3pm EST today (Friday, June 28, 2019).

Though there’s a fair share of drama off the field, it’s sure to pale in comparison to the drama on the field. Watching this team of fierce competitors attempt to repeat as World Cup champions is a treat for any American or soccer fan alike.

The USWNT has been an inspiration for an entire generation of young women and men alike. Their success has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of soccer in the US, as young people have embraced the world’s most popular sport.

Here at Whoopass Enterprises, we’re celebrating soccer fans everywhere with a limited time discount on our custom soccer player bobbleheads. Enter the code USWNT19 for a 10% discount on custom soccer bobbleheads until the end of the competition.

We have female soccer players as well as male soccer players. Or, if you have multiple fans (or players), we can put multiple bobbleheads on the same base!

Female Soccer Player Bobblehead

Female Soccer Player Bobblehead

Using your photos, we’ll sculpt a bobblehead in your likeness and customize it how you’d like. Describe the uniform you want, number, and name, and even add additional items like hats or props.

Male Soccer Bobblehead

Male Soccer Bobblehead

Need a goalie? We can do that too!

Whether you’re giving these as a gift or just want something special for a soccer player in your life, custom bobbleheads make great keepsakes. In a day where gift cards are commonplace and people don’t put much thought into gifts, this is an opportunity to give something truly unique and memorable.

So, submit your order with promo code USWNT19, cheer on team USA, and we’ll get to work on your bobblehead.