Unique Gifts for Doctors, Nurses, & Medical Professionals

If someone were to have told you, “In 2020, a global pandemic will put the entire country on lock-down. For months, businesses will be closed. Hospitals will be over capacity. You’ll have to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart from others,” would you believe them? It would have been crazy to even consider.

While most of us get to shelter-in-place safely at home, there are many others who selflessly risk their lives to be working on the front lines, serving their communities. This, obviously, includes doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. 

Maybe you’ve personally been impacted by a care provider during this global COVID-19 pandemic. Or maybe a loved one has been well cared for by a doctor, nurse, or medical professional. Whatever the case, they all deserve a special gift to thank them for their sacrifices during this time.  

Here are some unique gift ideas to give a special doctor, nurse, or medical professional. 


Custom Doctor Bobblehead 

Available for a male doctor or female doctor, our customizable bobblehead is the perfect way to thank a hardworking doctor for their commitment to the health and well-being of others. Simply upload a headshot, provide details of any logos, clothing specifications, and anything else you would like on the doll, then we’ll do the rest!  

A custom doctor bobblehead is sure to make any doctor feel valued and appreciated. 

Male Doctor Bobblehead

Male Doctor Bobblehead


Female Doctor Bobblehead

Female Doctor Bobblehead


Custom Nurse Bobblehead 

Nurses are among the most caring and hardworking individuals. They work tirelessly to care for others and deserve frequent recognition! Is there a special nurse that helped take care of you, or a nurse you know personally, that you would like to thank? Creating a custom, personalized nurse bobblehead is the perfect way to make them feel special!  

You can change the color of the scrubs, add any tools or accessories, and much more. 

Female Nurse Bobble Head

Female Nurse Bobblehead



The recent pandemic has made for many challenging situations, especially for doctors, nurses and medical professionals. A customized bobble head is a great unique gift for any doctor, nurse, or medical professional that is sure to put a smile on their face. 

For more information on how to order a custom bobblehead, check out our FAQs.