Cal Ripken Jr Bad Bobbleheads Hall-of-Fame Bobblehead

A few years back I was in Baltimore and caught a game at Camden Yards. I was lucky enough to be there for a Cal Ripken bobblehead night, and when they handed me the doll, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The thing looked nothing like Cal Ripken.

But, it was better than the All-Star MVP Bobblehead they made for Ripken at least. Check out the bobblehead below compared to the picture of Cal Ripken in 2001. Cal Ripken has the bluest of blue eyes and at that point in his career, what hair he had left was grey. I wonder who the Cal Ripken bobblehead below was actually of – looks like they had about 2001 extra copies of some other player they needed to get rid of! Nice job bobblehead makers…I’m sure people are clamoring for your limited edition bobblehead of whoever it is.

Don’t worry, at whoopass, we’ll pay attention to the details of your custom bobblehead – like your hair color and eye color and even more minute details than that!