Awkward Bobblehead giveaways

Here’s a funny article on awkward bobblehead giveaways that was recently on, bobbleheads were made for a player who was then traded between the day the order was placed and when the giveaway was scheduled. I like the one about James Livingston personally, who was traded to another team and then showed up on his own bobblehead night and scored two goals for the other team…sweet revenge.

We have our own equivalent of the awkward custom bobblehead giveaway at Whoopass Enterprises – personalized bobbleheads ordered for significant others where a breakup occurs between the time of ordering and bobblehead giveaway. If you’re worried about such an eventuality, go ahead and order your custom bobblehead with one of our rush processing options and receive it as soon as a couple of days. Who knows, said bobblehead – delivered in short order – might even save your romance (no guarantees though). And if it’s too late by the time the custom bobble head arrives, feel free to use it for voodoo style revenge. We won’t tell anyone.