Bobblehead Top 5

We already know bobbleheads make awesome and memorable gifts. But what type of bobbleheads are the most popular? Here is a list of the top 5.


  1. The first is sports figures.  Sports figure bobbleheads are what initially popularized the bobble head so it is no surprise that it continues to be a favorite. Sports bobbleheads are a great way to pay tribute to a sports figure. When you own a sports bobblehead, it instantly tells whoever sees it a little bit about you!
  2. Sci-fi characers are actually number 2 on the top 5! Sci-fi fans want to show their love of the genre . Sci-fi characters bobbleheads are often available online.
  3. Politicians always seem to have bobbleheads made after them, especially if they have done something extremely newsworthy. The president, vice president, and other top cabinet officials often have bobbleheads assembled in their agreement.
  4. We couldn’t make a top 5 bobblehead list without including celebrities. Celebrity bobbleheads are very common because most people have one celebrity they admire or consider their celebrity crush. Like