Allen Iverson Returns

Philadelphia has had its share of great sports players, from Ron Jaworski to Eric Lindros to Dr J. And Philly was also had its share of memorable players; they aren’t necessarily always good players, but they were memorable and usually in that they brought some form of controversy with them. Think about the Broad Street Bullies (they were great players, but probably most memorable is that they brought a physical toughness to the game which Philly loves), or Hank Baskett who had a few good plays but ultimately had his fame because of marrying Kendra (which Wikipedia lists as American television personality, businesswoman, glamour model and author, but really her fame came thanks to Hugh Hefnor and Playboy).

Then there is Allen Iverson, good player but even bigger trouble maker. Who can forget his famous practice discussion ‘we talkin ‘bout practice’, his many arrests, or financial troubles? Whatever it may be he has left his impression, and Philadelphia basketball fans love him. He has had numerous tribute and honorary nights with the most recent being Saturday for Allen Iverson bobblehead night. Check out the video here that is not lacking in applause: