April MLB Giveaways!

Baseball is right around the corner (technically, it is already here if you count preseason!) and if you are anything like us, you want to know when the giveaway nights are. Well luckily we found a master list of MLB giveaways!

buster posey bobblehead

Buster Posey Bobblehead - Not the one you will get April 6th (at least we don't know what one you will get).

But in particular, we want those bobbleheads! Now of course they won’t be as cool and high quality as ours 🙂 but they do come up with some creative things like ketchup and mustard bobbleheads or announcer with famous sayings!

So without further delay, here is the list of MLB bobblehead giveaways in April:

April 6 San Francisco Giants – Buster Posey
April 7 Milwaukee Brewers – Norichika Aoki
April 10 Detroit Tigers – Miguel Cabrera Mini-Bobble
April 13 Los Angeles Angels – Mike Trout
April 13 San Diego Padres – Chase Headley
April 13 Washington Nationals – Player TBA
April 20 Cincinnati Reds – Brandon Phillips
April 20 Pittsburgh Pirates – Andrew McCutchen
April 21 Colorado Rockies – 20th Anniversary Player TBA
April 21 Milwaukee Brewers – George Scott
April 21 New York Mets – Ron Darling
April 21 Toronto Blue Jays – Edwin Encarnacion
April 27 Chicago White Sox – Harold Baines
April 27 Oakland Athletics – Reggie Jackson (1973)
April 28 St. Louis Cardinals – Carlos Beltran
April 30 Los Angeles Dodgers – Hanley Ramirez (“I See You”)