Five Fun Bobblehead Facts

Bobbleheads are everywhere! Here are five facts that show how bobbleheads have been a part of culture for years!

  1. Bobbleheads originated in Germany. There were initially made of ceramic materials.
  2. The New York Knicks were the first sports team to use promotional bobbleheads. This happened in the 1920s!
  3. Lil Romeo has a song called “Bobblehead” that was an attempt to make fun of people whose dancing style reminded him of the nodding dolls.
  4. In 2003, the television show Futuramahad an episode where the cast travelled to an alternate dimension in which everyone was a bobblehead.
    1. In August 2004, minor league baseball teams held an event known as Bobblection Night in which the parks were giving away bobbleheads of the two presidential candidates, George W. Bush won the mock election!