Obama and Netanyahu Bobbleheads

On Mar 18, 2013 President Obama visited our long time ally, Israel. Now, when a president visits another country, there will be news articles, blog posts, television segments…but what about a YouTube video? No problem, I mean this is the tech age. But wait, not just any video; no actual rendition of the meeting or even drawings. Instead, let’s use bobbleheads! We LOVE the idea (obviously) because we are bobblehead fanatics. But how does everyone else feel about it? First watch the video made by The Israeli Embassy to get an idea:

Did you find it more entertaining than a typical news segment or report? We couldn’t keep our eyes off it, but hey we are bobblehead fanatics! If you remember, we actually did a custom bobblehead contest on Facebook during the elections for the people of Facebook to choose the next president of Bobbletown. Now, we had two bobbleheads crafted that oddly enough resembled the two candidates. We wonder if The Israeli Embassy saw our contest and loved the idea of a political figure as bobbleheads!?

What is cool is that with this release, they posted their twitter handle to be able to tweet your thoughts and comments. We think you should head over and give Whoopass a shout out and let them know we are the original custom bobblehead makers! Well okay maybe that is a little extreme but we do encourage you to express your views or questions if you feel so inclined.