The Bobblin’ Dead

Zombie baby bobblehead

Custom Zombie Baby Bobblehead

Yes, it’s true. Summer is almost over.

While we will miss everything that summer is, autumn brings us new episodes of The Walking Dead and also a great beginning to the holiday season: Halloween. Being scared, grossed-out, and turning our houses haunted appeals to our most uncomfortable visceral and emotional feelings. Yet, we love it.

According to a 2014 Statista survey which asked aged 18 and older individuals in the United States if they planned to celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities that year, almost 67% said yes, which isn’t even including trick-or-treaters (unless you’re trick-or-treating beyond the recommended age limit). So whether it’s a stroll through a haunted cornfield or a ghoulish party with your friends, a lot of adults in the United States love to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve!

Decorating is one of the greatest parts of this holiday besides the candy, and our Custom Zombie Bobbleheads can be a great addition to your ghastly collection. If you want your Halloween party to look authentic and feel eerie, you need one of our high quality zombie bobbleheads bouncing around to greet your guests. Since these are customizable, they are sure to be a conversation piece.

Zombie cat bobblehead

Zombie cat bobblehead

Any fans of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary? Move along, Church.     

We can also create undead bobbleheads of your beloved pets! You create the pose, send us a picture of your pet, and we will turn them into adorable little nightmares. Nothing is more terrifying than seeing something so innocent become so evil, which is exactly what you need for your scary Halloween collection. Don’t forget to feed them or else they will feed on you.


Custom zombie bobblehead

Custom zombie bobblehead

Now, grab your Bobblin’ Dead Custom Zombie Bobblehead and prepare for the apocalypse! Remember, do not get bit!However, do not be fooled. These are not JUST for Halloween and can serve as an integral part of your personal collection all year long. Depending on your personal taste, we think they would look lovely on your coffee table. With how great these look, you won’t want to pack your personalized zombie away until next year.


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