Elton John’s Bobbleheads!

Sir Elton Hercules John, aka Reginald Kenneth Dwight, aka Sir Humphrey Handbag, or more simply and notoriously, Elton John, is one of the most famous musicians of our time. With record sales of more than a quarter of a billion (that’s almost one record for every person in the US), John has done songs for movies (think The Lion King), was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his work, appointed a Commander to the Order of the British Empire, and received countless awards. So, what could this man ever do to prepare for a show or keep his cool? With the accolades and awards mentioned above, I would say his crowd should be more nervous than anything. However, Sir Elton John does get nervous and needs comforting things where ever he goes just like the rest of us. The funny thing is, he is more like us than we thought! See, not only does Elton John have a room full of bobbleheads but he takes some with him on the road. According to Ed Sheeran, friend of Elton John, ‘He takes nodding dog figures with him for his dressing room.’

bulldog bobblehead
       A custom bulldog bobblehead

We love this…I wonder if Sir Elton John knows that we do custom pet bobbleheads!? We would love to do one or five for him any day. Maybe the next time he is performing in the states we can hook him up. I mean if he is holding bobbleheads that near and dear to him, then we have a lot more in common than any of us knew! Well if his agent is reading this…send him our contact info so we can do a custom bobblehead of Elton and maybe his own pet!