As Seen On TV

We are happy to announce that our custom bobbleheads have made the news twice! We were featured on both Fox Chicago and New York!

Here is the New York segment:

Here is the Chicago segment:

The blog featuring us is, a gift recommendation blog that helps shoppers find hand-selected and creative gift ideas. We suggest you head on over and take a look at what all Lindsay, the gift expert there, recommends as gifts, one being our bobbleheads!

If you watch either one you can get the limited time discount code to use on what of our products.



Billy Crystal Bobblehead

Did you know we do bobbleheads of all different types of people? Check out these pics of bobbleheads we have done on Billy Crystal:


Billy Crystal Bobblehead Front

Billy Crystal Bobblehead Front

Billy Crystal Bobblehead Back

Billy Crystal Bobblehead Back










How did we do? Does it look anything like Billy?

Remember you don’t have to get custom bobbleheads done of yourself or someone you know. You can submit a pic of whoever you want and we will work to make you a bobblehead in the likeness of the picture you submit.

We have even done bobbleheads during the election for Obama and Romeny and used them as part of our contest we ran ‘Vote for the Next President of Bobbletown’. Here is a pic of those dolls:

President Bobbleheads

President Bobbleheads

Who should we do some bobbleheads on? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!



Yankee Promotional Bobbleheads

The New York Yankees have recently announced that they will be running a three year long promotional bobblehead giveaway games. This is the first time in around a decade since the Yankees have run such a promotion. The giveaway will include 12 limited edition bobbleheads over a three year span, which sounds like will be four per season.

jeter bobblehead

Jeter Bobblehead

The giveaway will be limited to the first 18,000 guests. Ticket packs start at just $88, which as you may know is not too bad for Yankees stadium. The Yankees tout the benefits of these tickets as:

-Access to the special games (not sure how this is different than just going to the game?)
-Preferred seating locations (okay this is nice)
-Savings off the advance ticket price (we don’t really want to know how high the prices are expected to go, but if we had to guess, probably a lot)

Here are the first four limited edition games with player bobbleheads that will be given away:

Monday, 7/8 Derek Jeter
Sunday, 7/28 Hideki Matsui
Friday, 8/30 Yogi Berra
Tuesday, 9/24 Mariano Rivera

If you want to purchase tickets from the Yankees site, click here.

*The image above is property of the New York Yankees. We are using this only for awareness purposes to spread the word about the special bobblehead events. If you would like this removed please contact us and we will remove promptly.

20th Anniversary Rockies Bobbleheads!

In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a Major League Baseball team, the Colorado Rockies will be distributing 10 bobbleheads of their greatest players, as voted by their fans.  The catch is, only nine will be given out at games, the tenth you will have to purchase in their stores. This can be good or bad; if you like baseball, getting to 9 games shouldn’t be hard but you have to purchase Carlos Gonzalez, the tenth bobblehead. Or if it is tough to get to games, you can purchase only one…the other nine, well, will be difficult to get.

Rockies Bobbleheads

Rockies Bobbleheads









Alas, you can purchase all ten

This is good for the avid fan who can’t make all the dates. Anyway, for those that can, here is the list!

2013 20TH Anniversary Bobblehead Dates:

(Ballpark giveaway date: April 21, 2013)
#LilLilEY Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: May 5, 2013)
#LilVinnyTakeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: May 19, 2013)
#LilDante Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: June 2, 2013)
#LilBigCat Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: June 16, 2013)
#LilWeiss Takeover Recap »

(Ballpark giveaway date: June 30, 2013)
#LilWalker Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: July 21, 2013)
#LilTulo Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: July 28, 2013)
#LilBurks Takeover Recap

(Ballpark giveaway date: September 25, 2013)
#LilTodd Takeover Recap

Keep us up to date with your collections! Submit pics to us!

Giant Detroit Bobbleheads!

Giant bobbleheads have been spotted in Detroit! PLEASE…if you live in Detroit or are in the area, please take a picture of one and post to our Facebook page! We just may run a special promotion to the person with the most likes and shares. Extra credit if you hold a sign with written on it!

Wondering what the deal is with life sized Detroit bobbleheads? Well these bobbleheads are being placed around Detroit by FOX Sports Detroit and setup in various location. It is called APRIL IN THE D and celebrates Detroit’s passion for sports. You can find an interactive map here. What an awesome idea!

Here is a list of places you can find these life sized bobbleheads. We have included links for directions to take you there. Fair warning, we looked these up quick, so the directions may not be exact:

1. Jefferson Lobby of the GM Renaissance Center: Miguel Cabrera, Venezuelan professional baseball third baseman for the Detroit Tigers and Justin Verlander, American professional baseball pitcher with the Detroit Tigers

2. Rosa Parks Transit Center: Greg Monroe, American basketball player and center for the Detroit Pistons

3. Rivard Plaza/Riverfront: Brandon Knight, American basketball player and guard for the Detroit Pistons

4. Grand Circus Park: Kris Draper, retired Canadian professional ice hockey Centre for the Red Wings

5. Campus Martius: Nicklas Lidstrom, retired Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman for the Red Wings

Allen Iverson Returns

Philadelphia has had its share of great sports players, from Ron Jaworski to Eric Lindros to Dr J. And Philly was also had its share of memorable players; they aren’t necessarily always good players, but they were memorable and usually in that they brought some form of controversy with them. Think about the Broad Street Bullies (they were great players, but probably most memorable is that they brought a physical toughness to the game which Philly loves), or Hank Baskett who had a few good plays but ultimately had his fame because of marrying Kendra (which Wikipedia lists as American television personality, businesswoman, glamour model and author, but really her fame came thanks to Hugh Hefnor and Playboy).

Then there is Allen Iverson, good player but even bigger trouble maker. Who can forget his famous practice discussion ‘we talkin ‘bout practice’, his many arrests, or financial troubles? Whatever it may be he has left his impression, and Philadelphia basketball fans love him. He has had numerous tribute and honorary nights with the most recent being Saturday for Allen Iverson bobblehead night. Check out the video here that is not lacking in applause:

San Francisco Giants Bruce Lee Bobblehead

Bruce Lee bobblehead night is back! During the 2012 season, the “Year of the Dragon”, the San Francisco Giants hosted a Bruce Lee bobblehead game/giveaway to celebrate the year of the dragon with a bobblehead of none other than the dragon himself, Bruce Lee! And in 2013, the Giants will have another Bruce Lee bobblehead giveaway since the first was so popular. Head on over to the Giants site and get yourself some tickets!

bruce lee bobblehead

Bruce Lee Bobblehead

Bruce Lee was born a San Francisco native in 1940 and was probably the single most influential martial artist of our time. Not only did Bruce Lee amaze us with his moves in movies and television shows, but he also even created his own martial art based on his principles, beliefs and leanings called Jeet Kune Do. Some of his films were Marlowe (as Winslow Wong), The Big Boss (as Cheng Chao-an) and also known as Fists of Fury,  Fist of Fury (as Chen Zhen), also known as The Chinese Connection, The Way of the Dragon (as Tang Lung) also known as Return of the Dragon among others. Lee’s legacy lives on and even stars in video games as well to this day.

We would love to get our hands on one of these bobbleheads! If you go and have an extra, contact us to see what kind of deal we can make! 🙂

And to top it off, check out the gem below that we found in anticipation of last year’s Bruce Lee giveaway. Features one of the Giants and what looks like his bobbleheads duking it out:

Obama and Netanyahu Bobbleheads

On Mar 18, 2013 President Obama visited our long time ally, Israel. Now, when a president visits another country, there will be news articles, blog posts, television segments…but what about a YouTube video? No problem, I mean this is the tech age. But wait, not just any video; no actual rendition of the meeting or even drawings. Instead, let’s use bobbleheads! We LOVE the idea (obviously) because we are bobblehead fanatics. But how does everyone else feel about it? First watch the video made by The Israeli Embassy to get an idea:

Did you find it more entertaining than a typical news segment or report? We couldn’t keep our eyes off it, but hey we are bobblehead fanatics! If you remember, we actually did a custom bobblehead contest on Facebook during the elections for the people of Facebook to choose the next president of Bobbletown. Now, we had two bobbleheads crafted that oddly enough resembled the two candidates. We wonder if The Israeli Embassy saw our contest and loved the idea of a political figure as bobbleheads!?

What is cool is that with this release, they posted their twitter handle to be able to tweet your thoughts and comments. We think you should head over and give Whoopass a shout out and let them know we are the original custom bobblehead makers! Well okay maybe that is a little extreme but we do encourage you to express your views or questions if you feel so inclined.

Elton John’s Bobbleheads!

Sir Elton Hercules John, aka Reginald Kenneth Dwight, aka Sir Humphrey Handbag, or more simply and notoriously, Elton John, is one of the most famous musicians of our time. With record sales of more than a quarter of a billion (that’s almost one record for every person in the US), John has done songs for movies (think The Lion King), was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his work, appointed a Commander to the Order of the British Empire, and received countless awards. So, what could this man ever do to prepare for a show or keep his cool? With the accolades and awards mentioned above, I would say his crowd should be more nervous than anything. However, Sir Elton John does get nervous and needs comforting things where ever he goes just like the rest of us. The funny thing is, he is more like us than we thought! See, not only does Elton John have a room full of bobbleheads but he takes some with him on the road. According to Ed Sheeran, friend of Elton John, ‘He takes nodding dog figures with him for his dressing room.’

bulldog bobblehead
       A custom bulldog bobblehead

We love this…I wonder if Sir Elton John knows that we do custom pet bobbleheads!? We would love to do one or five for him any day. Maybe the next time he is performing in the states we can hook him up. I mean if he is holding bobbleheads that near and dear to him, then we have a lot more in common than any of us knew! Well if his agent is reading this…send him our contact info so we can do a custom bobblehead of Elton and maybe his own pet!