The Bobblin’ Dead

Zombie baby bobblehead

Custom Zombie Baby Bobblehead

Yes, it’s true. Summer is almost over.

While we will miss everything that summer is, autumn brings us new episodes of The Walking Dead and also a great beginning to the holiday season: Halloween. Being scared, grossed-out, and turning our houses haunted appeals to our most uncomfortable visceral and emotional feelings. Yet, we love it.

According to a 2014 Statista survey which asked aged 18 and older individuals in the United States if they planned to celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities that year, almost 67% said yes, which isn’t even including trick-or-treaters (unless you’re trick-or-treating beyond the recommended age limit). So whether it’s a stroll through a haunted cornfield or a ghoulish party with your friends, a lot of adults in the United States love to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve!

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15,000 misspelled bobbleheads!! Whoops!

Here’s a somewhat funny story about a recent Prince Fielder Bobblehead that the Texas Rangers did.

Most of the 15,000 Bobbleheads had “Medical Center Arilington” painted on them instead of “Medical Center Arlington”. I bet the sponsor was not too pleased! Most bobbleheads are made in China, and given that English is not the native language over there, quality control is key. Imagine getting 15,00 of them wrong!

We also make some of our bobbleheads in China and some in Mexico, so we spend lots of time making sure all the details are right. We did spend a year making them in the US in 2010, but the costs turned out to be too high (almost bankrupted us!). And we promise to spell it A-R-L-I-N-G-T-O-N, don’t worry!Prince Field Custom Bobblehead

Giant Bobblehead Theft!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the 6 giant custom bobbleheads that were commissioned in Detroit to recognize the city’s sports stars. Well, apparently, some disgruntled Redwings fans decided to behead the Jimmy Howard custom bobble head after the Redwings dropped out of the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the perpetrators, the Detroit area police were quick to find him and recover the missing giant head. I’m from Michigan, and all I have to say to Detroiters is, stop acting like a bunch of Philadelphia fans!

GWAR Bobbleheads?!

I saw that a couple members of the heavy metal band GWAR! were recently immortalized in the form of their own custom bobbleheads. I don’t really think of metal and bobbleheads being in the same genre, but it just goes to show you the bobblehead is some form of universal truth. I was also able to find a Blondie bobblehead, a Devo bobblehead and a Bach bobble head doll…without much looking. But sadly, no Debbie Gibson bobblehead seems to exist.

Perhaps Debbie Gibson will call and order her own custom bobblehead? We’ll be waiting by the phone.Gwar Custom Bobble headBach personalized bobblehead dollBlondie custom bobbleheadDevo custom bobblehead

A bull named bobblehead

I found this youtube clip of a guy riding a bull named bobblehead. Bull riding, it looks pretty scary, but bobbleheads are not really scary… shouldn’t a bull be named something like Bonecrusher or Rammstein?

In any event, we have made custom bobble heads of both bulls and bullriders – a while back we even made custom bobbleheads for the National Rodeo Association for a TV commercial. Heck we could even make a bobblehead of a cowboy (or cowgirl) riding a bobblehead bull named bobblehead. The sky is the limit!