San Francisco Giants Bruce Lee Bobblehead

Bruce Lee bobblehead night is back! During the 2012 season, the “Year of the Dragon”, the San Francisco Giants hosted a Bruce Lee bobblehead game/giveaway to celebrate the year of the dragon with a bobblehead of none other than the dragon himself, Bruce Lee! And in 2013, the Giants will have another Bruce Lee bobblehead giveaway since the first was so popular. Head on over to the Giants site and get yourself some tickets!

bruce lee bobblehead

Bruce Lee Bobblehead

Bruce Lee was born a San Francisco native in 1940 and was probably the single most influential martial artist of our time. Not only did Bruce Lee amaze us with his moves in movies and television shows, but he also even created his own martial art based on his principles, beliefs and leanings called Jeet Kune Do. Some of his films were Marlowe (as Winslow Wong), The Big Boss (as Cheng Chao-an) and also known as Fists of Fury,  Fist of Fury (as Chen Zhen), also known as The Chinese Connection, The Way of the Dragon (as Tang Lung) also known as Return of the Dragon among others. Lee’s legacy lives on and even stars in video games as well to this day.

We would love to get our hands on one of these bobbleheads! If you go and have an extra, contact us to see what kind of deal we can make! 🙂

And to top it off, check out the gem below that we found in anticipation of last year’s Bruce Lee giveaway. Features one of the Giants and what looks like his bobbleheads duking it out: